The Uncle Says: Thank you everyone for a successful first club race.


RCX Round #3 Trap RC Racing Venue 6/7th of June 2015 

As most of you are aware this year we are having 6 legs of the RCX challenge. Unfortunately Secunda and Komatipoorthave withdrawn. This gave Trap the opportunity to get into the RCX Challenge.

On a chilly Saturday mid-morning we had a total compliment of 40 gas buggy’s, 11 gas Truggy’s and 10 electric buggy’s show up for this event.


The first of the qualifiers started at 12h30 and ran without a problem until the last round of buggy qualifiers started we realised that some laps were not being picked up for more than one driver. We quickly stopped the heat. Rodney had a look at the timing loop and realized that the loop joint got damaged with a car that hit the box. Rodney fixed this temporarily and we carried on with racing. Still one or two cars lost laps but race control was aware of the problem and manually allocated laps to affected drivers.

At the end of the day Miguel Haasbroek took the TQ (Top Qualifier) in nitro buggy, Albie Greyvenstein took TQ in nitro truggy and Thomas Schmuck took the TQ for electric buggy
Electric Finals.

On Sunday morning 8AM we had a very cold drivers briefing. And swiftly got the racing started. The first of 3 electric buggy races started at 8h30 with Thomas taking his form from the previous day on to the mains and winning the first race to new comer in electric racing Pedro Maldonado and Leo De Oliveira came in 3rd. Thomas went on to win all 3 races to give him the overall win. Pedro came in 2nd and Leo 3rd.


The favorite for this race would have to be JP Sweeck who had some bad luck in the qualifiers. He had a comfortable lead in the race just for the gremlins to creep in again whatever problem he had cost him around 16 laps. In the end Stephen Smith took the win with 38 laps, in second was Trystan Alford who was in his first race. He did 35 laps and in third position was Marco David who did 31 laps.


In this race we had the only female competitor Martinette Hugget she went on to win the race doing 35 laps and in second position was Shannon Hopkins doing 34 laps and in third Christo Meintjies also doing 34 laps.


We had some fast drivers in with the likes of Paul Naude, Pedro Maldonado and JP Pessoa just to name a few. Officially Pedro and Paul broke the 40s barrier. Paul had some problems in the beginning of the race that cost him 3 or 4 laps he was the most consistent driver in the field. In the end Pedro took the win doing 40 laps with Herman du Toit coming in second with 39 and Leo in third with 38 laps.

Truggy Final

In this final we had a late entry Quintis van der Merwe who decided he wanted to race and started at the back of the field. Albie Greyvenstein usually driving nitro buggy showed us how to drive the truggy. His truggy (Or should I say his wife’s Sandra’s Truggy) was dialed. He took the overall win with 42 laps. His fastest lap was 38,39 and Average was 42,12. In Second position was Quintis who did 40 laps and in third was Murray van Lelyveld also doing 40 laps.


Last but not least was the main event. In this event the top drivers showed us exactly what racing is all about. It started off with Miguel, Warren and Tiaan fighting it out. Then Miguel broke away and the race was between Warren and Tiaan for second and Third. They showed every driver out there what to do if you hit the opponent by accident. During the tussle Warren and Tiaan gave positions back to the other due to hitting the other driver by accident. In the end Miguel won the race with 46 laps at an average of 39,84 and a best lap of 37,07. Tiaan managed to break free from Warren and came in second with 45 laps and Warren in third also with 45 laps.

We would like to thank Rodney for agreeing to host the 3rd race in the series and thank him and his team once again for the great event.


We look forward to round four of the RCX Challenge which will be hosted at Meyerton raceway on the 12 – 13 September 2015.


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Photos Complements of Ashley Hopkins.


Until then, keep it on the wheels